Minggu, 03 Februari 2013

Vampire Hunter 1.12 (v1.12) Mod APK Download

Vampire Hunter and There are bats, bat monsters, gargoyles, Harpies, zombies, werewolves, vampires and many other monsters in European magical tales. You will be the vampire hunter to dispel evil!

Vampire Hunter 1.12 (v1.12) Mod APK Download Android Apps
What’s in this Vampire Hunter 1.12 apk

version 1.12
We do a lot of work to optimize game in this version!!
It will give you more surprises!!

Vampire Hunter 1.12 apk, The Middles Ages in Europe was a vampire-ravaged era when the Pedrons made their name. Yet this prominent family unexpectedly disappeared overnight. The 3-month-old little Pedron carried in the arms of the maid hiding the basement survived the slaughter and plunder of vampires in the castle. Twenty eight years later, little Pedron had grown into a man well trained by sword and spear masters hired by the Father from his childhood. In the vampire-ruling era, Pedron joined a secrete anti-vampire society to eliminate evil vampires and monsters ruled by vampires. Pedron was known as the Vampire Hunter Pedron.

☆Spectacular Moves and Special Effects
☆50 Level, 100 maps
☆6 game scenarios of different styles
☆10 weird-looking monsters
☆30 monster skills
☆3 awesome hero skills.
Vampire Hunter 1.12

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Password link = devitrianto.com

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